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2 Expansive Practices to Reveal the Unique Voice of Your Brand

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

The two super simple practices I use to unblock my throat chakra and speak my authentic truth online. Learn how to uplevel your branding strategy through soul-led business practices, perfect for the empathic entrepreneur!

Technically speaking, branding has been around for thousands of years. Okay, so branding a cow is slightly different than branding your business (sorry for the icky visual), but the point is—even farmers in the year 2000BC knew the importance of marketing their product to the world.

Fast forward to 2022 and branding has become an absolute essential in claiming space in the eCommerce world. With all these companies fighting to win the sale, distinct brand recognition is more important now, than ever.

But what, exactly, is branding?

So many biz owners think, “I have a logo—I’m good to go, right?!” NO! Branding is sooo much more than a logo! Slapping a logo on your digital assets is just the tip of the iceberg.

Branding is made up of many components, but most simply, it’s the promise you make to your customers. It’s what they should expect when doing business with you. It consists of every offer you’ve ever made, product you’ve ever sold, and every graphic you’ve ever posted.

A solid brand also has a solid brand voice. I like to think of my business as its own living, breathing entity, complete with her own personality, quirks, likes, and dislikes. Take this blog post, for example. You might have noticed the conversational, humorous tone throughout. While professional journalists may cringe reading an article like this, it’s important that we communicate in a way that is authentic to our brand and resonates with our soulmate clients.

Nothing kills a brand quicker than inauthenticity.

Conversely, a killer brand strategy comes from a clear target audience. How many times have you caught a glimpse of an ad that *actually* caused you to stop scrolling? That percentage is probably pretty low, but when you do find those ads, it’s because they speak to YOU! They aren’t made for the masses. They are tailored to your interests and your phase in life. THAT is successful branding.

Hopefully, once you clicked thru said ad, you found a website with colors and photos that resonate with you, inspire you, and, ultimately, convince you that their product is the right fit for your life.

And that, friends, is the key to successful branding. Everyone can say “You should buy from me because my product is the BEST”. But if your goal is to find soulmate customers who will keep coming back, time and time again? You need to show them how great your product will look on their shelf.

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How to Find Your Brand Voice

If you’re anything like me, you may struggle at first to truly find your voice. Society has led us to believe that success, professionalism, and business, in general, can only sound one way. But to operate a true soul-led business, that’s who needs to do the talking: your soul. Not to mention, throwing yourself into the online business world with a look, feel, and sound just like everyone else’s is a silly business strategy.

There are TONS of resources out there to help you find your brand voice. You could take a random quiz you find online that will give you a generic, half-assed version of how you sound OR you could dive deep into the magical, mystical waters that are your soul and pull that information out yourself. Obviously, I’m a big fan of the latter.


Some of the most potent work I’ve done for my business has occurred while sitting in meditation. While this may not be the quickest method, I truly believe there is no better voice for YOUR business than YOURS. #soulopreneur

Here’s some simple techniques I used that blasted the voice of my business wide open.

1. Meet the Soul of Your Business.

Like I mentioned before, I truly view my business as its own entity. We may share a heart, but our souls exist independently of one another. To meet the soul of your business, quietly sit in meditation and take yourself to a place of peace, somewhere you feel loved, supported, or completely relaxed (I like to take a mental beach vacation). Fall deeper and deeper into relaxation while thinking about your business and how you feel inside it, as your higher self.

Once you’re ready, imagine your business’ soul slowly approaching you. Reach out your hand to them and sit down for a chat. Is there something they’d like you to know? Something they are especially proud of? What is their favorite characteristic? Your favorite?

End the session with a big hug and a promise to return to this place with them frequently. Think of it as a quarterly meeting. Maybe even monthly? This practice is so powerful and can be so healing, if you’re feeling frustrated or stagnant in your biz.

2. Open Your Throat Chakra.

Throat chakra meditations can be super fun and very healing, if approached with love, compassion, and no expectations.

Healing the throat chakra is about so much more than bettering the voice of our business. Our throat is the portal where energy moves from your soul, out into the world. Our voice should express our honest Truth, which is so much deeper than sales copy and Instagram captions.

In my upcoming course, ‘Woke Up Like This’, we dive deep into throat chakra healing and I include a reiki-infused meditation to help boost the power of this energy center. To get on the waitlist for ‘Woke Up Like This’, click here.

Until then, Davidji created one of my all-time favorite throat chakra meditations to help me clear this space and write awesome stuff for my brand. Check him out for free on the Insight Timer app! His Finding Your Voice track is also phenomenal.

Journal Work

Writing has always been a major form of self-care and reflection for me. I actually wrote about my husband in my 2nd grade diary–if that’s not the ultimate proof of manifestation, I don’t know what is 😝

You can find a plethora of journal prompts online to help unlock a blocked throat chakra, but my favorite method is doing my Morning Pages. Developed by artist Julia Cameron, Morning Pages is a simple writing practice where you write whatever is on your mind, first thing in the morning. The only rule: you must write 3 pages–no more, no less.

The reason I love Morning Pages so much is that it forces me to think outside the confines of the regular stories I tell myself. By simply letting your mind take you wherever it wants to go, we uncover thoughts and ideas that may not surface, otherwise.

Morning Pages has helped me to unlock my full authentic expression AND has introduced writing to me as an artform, which has been so empowering and served as a rocket ship for my business.

Three pages may sound like a lot, but once you start flowing, it’s unbelievable to witness everything that wants to come out. If you share on social media for your business, I especially recommend trying this practice out for content creation!

Meet Your Fairy Godmother of Online Business

Final Thoughts

Brand voice is an ever-evolving art. Just as we do, our business will go through many different seasons, initiations, and styles. So long as you are being authentic to yourself and brand values, you really can’t go wrong!

If you find these practices helpful, please let me know! Instagram is my favorite place to connect–you can find me at @haley.being

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So much love,



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