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5 Books for Spiritual Discovery

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Discover the true potential of your mind, body, and soul with these epic, life-changing books.

Even if you aren’t the most avid of readers, chances are, you have heard of at least one of these books. And there’s a reason for that: they speak to a universal Truth that many of us feel, but can’t put into words. When you find an author who speaks your spiritual language, it’s like a coming home for your soul.

Most of my favorite spiritual readings were written by modern authors. Not to knock the classics (even the Bible holds some powerful lessons), but I found that the easiest way to integrate these lessons into my everyday life is when I don’t have to “translate” them first.

Spiritual gurus (for lack of a better term) like Eckhart Tolle and Ram Dass continue to have a strong following because they can so eloquently speak to our soul in a way that our modern minds can easily digest, as well.

In my 7-Day Chakra Challenge, I unravel the importance of mind-soul speak. Because you can experience all the spiritual awakenings and all the mystical experiences, but if your human brain can’t make sense of it, that’s all they will be--an experience.

Have you ever read a book that feels like it’s speaking directly to your soul? I’d love to hear what it was! Lemme know in the comments section below.

The Books

“Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.”

This book found its way to me during my “TiMe iS An iLluSioN” phase (we’ve all been there, right?). Like many other spiritual writers, in The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle stresses how important it is to our spiritual, mental, and physical health to remain grounded in the present moment.

Tolle really spoke to my soul through his explanation of emotions' role in our journey. So many spiritual people will tell you to ignore your emotions, that they aren’t Truth and they do not reflect you as a spiritual being. Tolle, however, defines emotions as the “Place where mind and body meet. It is the body’s reaction to your mind – or as you might say, a reflection of your mind in the body.”

Feeling into your emotions and letting them guide you in the body is the ultimate practice of consciousness, the main lesson in The Power of Now.

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.”

Another winner from Mr. Tolle. I recommend reading this book after first finishing The Power of Now. While the former will help you through your initial awakening phase, the latter will help put you on a successful path post-awakening.

It is no secret that society as we know it is “going to hell in a handbasket” as my Gramma would say. In “A New Earth”, Eckhart Tolle speaks to this mass dysfunctionality and how we, as conscious beings, can rise above the old paradigm and adopt a truer sense of Self by recognizing the egoic patterns that keep us stuck on both the micro and macro levels.

Simply put, do what makes you happy and see how much easier life becomes.

“I think the message is that you don’t need to go anywhere else to find what you are seeking.”

In his book, “Be Here Now”, the late Ram Dass uses stories from his own life to help bring meaning to various circumstances we all face on our path to enlightenment such as religious alienation, social experimentation, and death of the ego.

As a former psychonaut, I was originally drawn to Ram Dass’ work with psychedelics in the 1960s and 70s (I swear I was incarnated somewhere during this period). But what made me a loyal follower was Ram Dass’ use of humor that so perfectly anchored him in both the cosmic realm and our physical ‘here and now.

One of my favorite quotes lives in this book, saying, “Just because you are seeing divine light, experiencing waves of bliss, or conversing with Gods and Goddesses is no reason to not know your zip code.” Ram Dass’ teachings are the permission slip we all need to live life on our terms, whatever that may look like.

“Our practiced thoughts become our truth.”

This book helped me heal some major familial/childhood wounds that I uncovered last year after extensive shadow work. In an industry where everyone is a guru and “spirituality” is depicted by pretty girls dancing around on TikTok, Dr. Nicole La Pera’s voice is such a refreshing change of pace.

Starting her career as a psychologist, La Pera’s spiritual awakening led her to understand the importance of integrating the mind and the spirit (hence, her famous Instagram handle, @the.holistic.psychologist).

What I loved most about “How to do the Work” and Dr. Nicole’s work, in general, is the gold ribbon of cosmic connection you can feel throughout the readings. The way she can talk to us directly in a way that still speaks to society, as a whole. You are never truly alone on your journey, and Dr. Nicole has a way of validating our human experiences with such grace.

I also highly recommend checking out Dr. Nicole’s online community, The Self Healer’s Circle. Each month, Dr. Nicole and her team conduct live training and provide tangible tools to help you on your path to healing. It’s a seriously awesome corner of the internet.

“The vastness of life around us helps eliminate self-centeredness. We are not doing the Vision Quest to make ourselves feel important or to be interesting to our friends but to realize the vastness of the universe and our oneness with it.”

Throughout my journey, I’ve always found my deepest healing moments take place in nature. I think that’s why this book spoke to me so profoundly. The late Ed ‘Eagle Man’ McGaa had such a unique way of speaking both to our physical mind, and our etheric soul.

In Mother Earth Spirituality, McGaa shared his knowledge of Native American ceremony and culture as an invitation for us all to connect back with nature as a means to heal ourselves, each other, and our planet. Without Mother Nature, humanity simply could not exist…

This epic realization, this true understanding of the Law of One, wakes me up over and over and over. Nature is such a beautiful reflection of our soul and how we all come together, creating this perfect dance, our cosmic song, that reminds us what it means to be alive.

Final Thoughts

Please keep in mind, I am not a mental health professional. Any recommendations I make are based on my healing journey.

If you find these books helpful, please let me know in the comments below!

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So much love,



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