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The Soul Behind Hippieology

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Hi, my name is Haley and About Me’s are incredibly difficult for me to write 🙃

Some mornings, I sit on the floor in meditation while some evenings, I sit in front of the TV with a bottle of wine. On Thursday afternoon I may feel universally divine, but come Friday night, I am existentially boring. I am here to take up space in this world, but also to cook dinner for my husband each night after work. I have just as much fun headbanging at a rock show just as I do collecting eggs from my backyard chickens.

I started Hippieology because I wasn’t seeing a lot of people like me in the spiritual space. You won’t hear me say “grand rising”. I’ve never lived in an ashram. I don’t talk to aliens (although, I’m open to it 👽). BUT I’M HERE TO TELL YOU–NONE OF THESE THINGS MAKE YOU SPIRITUAL.

You can be pumpkin spice basic and also powerfully magnetic. You can still be “high vibe”, even after flipping off a bad driver on the road. You don’t have to be vegan. You don’t have to sit with ayahuasca in the jungle…

The most spiritual thing any of us can do is simply be ourselves. And trust that we are special. That’s not always easy, but the more we learn to love each complex facet of our Selves, the more powerful we become.

So let’s rise together, shall we? I’m committed to sharing the tools and practices I’ve learned on my own spiritual path to help you wake up to the absolutely limitless well of potential that is your Soul. To be a part of a community of like-minded, highly-nuanced, super magical human beings, join our Private Facebook group. Each week, we’ll deliver new content to enrich your own season of expansion–sometimes we’ll talk about work, business, and human things; other times, we focus on mindset and meditation to nourish those pieces of ourselves that aren’t quite as tangible 👻

In my upcoming course, ‘Woke Up Like This’, I explain how chakra alignment can help lead to a deeper understanding of Self in all aspects of life and the simple steps we can all take to get there. To be the first to know when this self-paced course is ready, be sure to sign up for my “news” letter.

As Ram Dass said, “I can do nothing for you but work on can do nothing for me but work on yourself!”

P.S. here’s the link to my favorite Ram Dass guided meditation. This specific medi is what opened me up to what meditation is really all about. It’s a great place to start if you are new to the practice :)

So much love,



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