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Aligning Your Chakras: Third Eye Wellness

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

hird Eye exercises to open up to the Unknown and connect deeper to yourself. Breathwork, journal prompts, and meditations to open your third eye.

About the Third Eye Chakra

Woo, we’re to the third eye chakra! In my opinion, this one is the most mystical, magical, and mysterious of all the chakras. In my research, I even found that in Sanskrit, there is not one, not two, not three, but SEVEN different names for the third eye chakra: Trinetra, Chakshu, Ajna Chakra, Mahanadi, Bhrumadhya, Tapah loka, Shiva loka.


Want to dive deeper into the Third Eye Chakra?

Download the free Third Eye Chakra 101 Workbook & Meditation Guide


As many of us know, the third eye chakra is located behind the forehead, just between the eyes. What you may not know is exactly what the third eye chakra does. It’s an exhaustive list, but here are the main traits of the ajna chakra:

  • Seeing the Unseen. The phenomenon of clairvoyance has been talked about for centuries, and it is all thanks to the All Seeing Third Eye. Ever heard of the Sixth Sense? That’s exactly what this is.

  • Ruling the Other Chakras. Our third eye is often considered the “King of the Chakras” because it has an innate ability to regulate all our other chakras, when properly balanced.

  • Connecting You to Yourself. This chakra is a powerful portal between you and your higher, more cosmic self. The third eye’s connection to both the physical and unseen worlds helps us to harness the mystical power of the “Unknown” so that we can create the most epic, magical life for ourselves here on Earth.

The energy of our third eye chakra is associated with the earth element of light, illuminating that which we cannot see with our own two eyes. The color of this energy center is indigo, which is the color made if purple and blue had a baby. You might have heard it mentioned in kindergarten while learning about the colors of the rainbow.

“Insight is not a lightbulb that goes off inside our heads. It is a flickering candle that can easily be snuffed out.”
― Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

I think the rise of the “psychic” has led us, as a society, to believe that those with a powerful third eye are “The Chosen Ones” or somehow supernatural. However, I think we are all given this gift of sight, we just learn to repress it, or ignore it entirely.

Another reason we may find ourselves ignoring our intuition is because we tend to label those thoughts as beliefs, instead of Truths. As a collective, we prefer to put things in black and white, true and false, light and dark. But intuition is not fixed. It is different for all of us. I think this is what makes the third eye so scary to us. Because we are more likely to celebrate the ways in which we are all the same, over the ways in which we differ.

The third eye is not a magical gift, it is not a superpower, it is the compass of your soul, gently pointing you in the right direction.

The Third Eye Location in our Physical Body

It is believed that our third eye chakra is housed inside the Pineal Gland of the brain. Similar to the third eye chakra, the pineal gland is in charge of regulating light, receiving information from our environment to regulate melatonin, the sleepy hormone.

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
– Billie Eilish

I think this connection between the third eye and sleep is so fascinating and adds a lot to the mystical, supernatural element surrounding the third eye. Some people believe that an activated third eye chakra helps us to astral project and even gives us the ability to lucid dream.

The Third Eye Experiences

From an energetic perspective, signs of an imbalanced third eye chakra can be pretty spooky. Symptoms of an overactive third eye chakra include hallucinations, nightmares, and an overall deluded view on reality. Individuals experiencing an overactive third eye chakra may also find themselves obsessing over things and find it difficult to concentrate.

Alternatively, someone with a blocked third eye may have a hard time visualizing or planning for the future and tend to have a one-track mind. These people may also feel disconnected from others, lack empathy, and ignore their intuition.

Here are three things that happen to me when I have an underactive third eye:

  1. I want to burn my career to the ground. I think we all have an underlying ache to remove ourselves from society and live in a fairy cottage in the woods, but this feeling gets especially strong for me when I can’t envision what the future of my business looks like. Forcing myself to sit down and visualize specific outcomes always helps.

  2. I can’t get stoned. Sounds weird, but I just know this is a third eye thing. When I haven’t focused on connecting with this area, I lose the creative spark I typically enjoy when smoking. Instead, I’ll get a numbing sensation in my forehead and my mind will race like crazy. If you’ve ever experienced a connection between smoking and the third eye chakra, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

  3. I “miss” myself. I truly feel disconnected from myself and almost like a stranger in my own body. A good journal session usually helps me out of that funk. I’ll write a letter to my Self, which almost always leads me back home. I’ve provided my favorite journal prompt for this in the Third Eye Chakra 101 Workbook.

Third Eye Exercises

With the third eye being the King of the Chakras, I, and many others, believe that the best way to balance it is to first focus on the 5 lower chakras. In the [slightly creepy] diagram below, you can see how prana (aka breath or life force energy) flows throughout the body.

As depicted, the third eye chakra serves as a meeting point of our prana, indicating that it can only properly flow when all chakra below the third eye are working in harmony. Focusing solely on the third eye will bring results, but I’ve found that lower chakra alignment is key in balancing this energy center.


Breathwork is a key player when working with the third eye, due to that prana/life force energy piece. Holotropic breathwork, specifically, is known to yield massive results. Now, this type of breathwork is not for the faint of heart, figuratively and literally speaking. I highly recommend doing your own research before starting off on a breathwork journey of your own, especially if you have a cardiovascular condition or are prone to anxiety.


Since the third eye chakra represents the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, I’ve found there’s no better way for me to re-discover this connection than literally writing a letter to My Self. It may seem silly at first, but you would be shocked at some of the things that come through.

Here are some more journal prompts that may help support this connection:

  • How has trusting in my journey led me to where I am right now? What makes my present-day experience such a beautiful place to be?

  • Consider a major life change that may be on your horizon. How does it make you feel? What are the benefits of this change, and what about the change makes you feel fear?

  • Write a detailed account of the life you would be living as your best, highest self. Tap into exactly what that looks like for you and how you would feel in that space.


So reiki almost feels like a cop-out to list here, but again, it’s all about that prana. If you’ve never heard of reiki, it is an ancient Japanese healing modality that involves the transference of healing energy from the practitioner to the attunee. This practice is becoming more and more acknowledged in our western world and you can probably find a licensed practitioner in your area with a quick Google search.

A reiki healing session starts with a full body scan, where the practitioner pinpoints which chakras are out of balance. They will then focus on those areas, acting as a conduit to send that loving, healing, life force energy through themselves and into you. It’s a really cool experience and works 100% of the time (even in the non-believers).


Since the third eye works with both blue and purple light and in conjunction with the other chakras, there is a wider variety of foods that help to support this energy center. Here’s a little of foods that may help you balance and unblock the third eye, according to chakra experts at

  • Raw Cacao

  • Goji Berries

  • Garlic

  • Lemon

  • Watermelon

  • Star Anise

  • Honey

  • Coconut Oil

  • Hemp Seeds

  • Cilantro

  • Ginseng

  • Vitamin D3

My favorite concoction for third eye/pineal gland support is a cinnamon, coconut oil latte. Just drop a teaspoon of coconut oil into your milk of choice, pour over your coffee, and top with a sprinkle of cinnamon! Perfect for cozy fall mornings.


Like the throat chakra, the third eye seems to respond surprisingly well to stones and crystals. For this area, lean more towards the purple/violet family than blue or reach for neutral stones in white or black. Great examples of 6th chakra stones include:

  • Amethyst

  • Black Obsidian

  • Clear Quartz

  • Moonstone

  • Purple Fluorite

Next time you meditate, consider laying down and placing one of these stones on your forehead for the duration of your practice. And don’t forget to smudge the space a little bit with some white sage, perfect for honoring your intuition and higher self within.

Final Thoughts

Your homework for this lesson is to write a letter to your spiritual self and to sit for a guided reiki meditation. You can find plenty of reiki body scan meditations on YouTube, and I have shared some from Insight Timer, as well. Check out the Third Eye Chakra Workbook for my favorites.

So much love,



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