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Build Your Own Blog Starter Package

Exactly How I Started My Online Business in Less Than 1 Month

Finally Say Goodbye to Your Stressful 9-5 and Hello to Your Work from Home Dream!

The Build Your Own Blog course is your step-by-step guide to building an online business so you can make money from home, become your own boss, and finally quit your 9-5 as quickly as possible!

Guided Trainings

Step-by-Step Checklist

Online Biz Resource Guide

Dreaming of becoming your own boss, but needing guidance on where to start?

The BYOB Starter Package is for you if…


  • You have always wanted to start a blog, but never had the confidence or the “tech skills” to get started.

  • You are looking into starting your own online business, but are overwhelmed by all the advice out there from the Marketing Bros and Pinterest Ladies. 

  • You want to stop trading your time for a paycheck. You’re ready to live life on your own terms, work from anywhere in the world, and make money while sitting on the couch, drinking a glass of wine, or nursing your baby.

Amazing things can happen when you have the right support. You don't need to do it all alone.

Go from zero to official online biz in less than a month.

Build a website and brand strategy that converts.

Create an offer that generates income on autopilot.

Take a Look at What’s Inside the Build Your Own BlogCourse

A 5-module course, teaching you the real things you need to know to get your online business up and running in a month!

LLC Formation

Learn the benefits of conducting business as an LLC and choose from some of the best LLC Service Companies out there to do the heavy lifting for you.

Website Builder

Don't let your tech skills stop you from creating the perfect website for your biz. Here, we compare and contrast three of the top-rated website builders to ensure your best match.

Business Banking

Learn why it's so important to use a business banking account as we compare some of the most popular banks used for blogging and e-commerce businesses.

Your Offer

Studying the elements of crafting a solid offer, the various different types of offers you could provide, and when to best utilize each one.

Brand Strategy

Discussing a "You-Forward' approach to branding and marketing that oozes authenticity, plus which "expert" tips to ditch to get your business moving quickly.


“The great courageous act that we must all do, is to have the courage to step out of our history and past so that we can live our dreams.”
― Oprah Winfrey

Hippieology Blog Online Business Empathic Entrepreneurship (2).png

From branding to legalities, this course has everything you actually need to build a business from scratch, made easy because the world needs more businesses like yours.

Online business made super simple so you can start sharing your gifts with the world quickly, and clearly.

Enroll in the Course

Upon registration, you are given immediate access to the full course.


Complete the Trainings

Watch the training videos in your own time, at your own pace.


Check Off Your List

Complete each task, checking off your to-do list as you go.


Launch Your Business

By the end of this course, you will be ready to begin marketing your new biz and making sales!

Are you tired of working for the weekend? Ready to do something you love and finally become your own boss?


The BYOB Starter Package helps:

     -  Kickstart Blogs

     -  Launch Courses

     -  Build New Businesses

     -  Ease Self-Doubt

     -  Make Big Decisions

     -  Provide Vision Clarity

Build Your Own Blog Course Glam.png

What's Included

Guided Lessons

Recorded Trainings on how to execute those first steps in creating your online business. Walk away with the confidence you need to take aligned action and make important decisions for your biz. Walk away with the course slides to always have on-hand.

Meet Your Instructor & Online Business Guide, Haley

I believe more women need to become business owners.


And although starting an online business isn’t as tricky as you may think, why not speed up the process with a little help from someone who’s done it before? (Ahem, a few times)


During my career as a freelance business-builder and digital marketer, I have helped multiple small business owners build, grow, and scale their online businesses from scratch. 


My “you-centered” approach to building your biz encourages authenticity and fosters optimum alignment between you, your business, and your dream life.


If you’re tired of the 9-5 game and are craving freedom, financial stability, and quality time with the people you love most, I will help you get there when you enroll in this course.


Ready to *finally* leave the cubicle life behind and make money while creating memories with your family? I’ll see you inside the Build Your Own Blog course.

After Completing the Build Your Own Blog Course, You Will Have:

01.  An LLC Certificate of Formation

You’ll get to see your business name in black and white for the very first time!


02.  Your Federal Tax Identification Number

An important step to conducting official business as an official business person!


03.  A Business Bank Account

Because we are professionals around here who don’t half-ass the process.


04.  A Winning Brand Strategy

Because your future clients are out there, patiently waiting to hear what you have to say.


05.  A Vibey, Easy-to-Use Website

We’ve found the perfect website builder for your budget and skill level and it’s ready to use!


06.  A Kickass Offer

The little piece of your heart and soul is ready to go out into the world and start changing lives, yours included.

Hippieology Blog Online Business Empathic Entrepreneurship (1).png

Online business ownership has the power to give you a life that you’ve always dreamed of but may have never truly believed was possible.


You *can* make money while sleeping in on a random Tuesday, drinking wine on the couch with your partner, or exploring the local park with your kiddo.

Anything Else You'd Like
to Know?

Is This A Good Course for Business Beginners?

This course IS for beginners! If the thought of online business has you looking like that one meme of Sarah Paulsen trying to do math, you’re in the right place. We’re simplifying the process to avoid overwhelm and embrace ease.


How Much Tech Experience is Required?

Just a general knowledge! Take it from someone with the word “hippie” in her business name, this course will give you the information you need to make decisions for your online business based on your current skill level.


How Long Will I Have Access to This Course?

Forever! Or at least as long as humanly possible. Even as updates and improvements are made to the course, you will always have access to this content, new and old.


Does This Course Cover Marketing Strategy for Once My Business Is Up-And-Running?

No, this course gets you through the tricky, some might say “boring” first steps of online business ownership. But, if you’re already looking ahead at your future marketing strategy, don’t worry, that course is coming next! BYOB students will be the first to know when she’s ready 🙂

Self Discovery as a Path to Online Business Start a Blog Hippieology Empath (3).png

Did You Know?

28% of business is conducted online. Without a lot of insurance needed or overhead costs, this change in commerce gives more people the opportunity to build a business and be their own boss. In fact, from 2023 to 2027, the global content marketing industry is expected to grow by $584.02 billion. Yep, content is queen and she’s not going anywhere. 


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to work from your phone, on the beach, by the pool, or from your backyard, now is the perfect time to build a steady stream of income that can provide for you and your family for years to come.

Build Your Own Blog Course

Build Your Own Blog Course Glam.png
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