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Why Pregnancy is the Best Time to Start Your Online Business

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

For women, pregnancy is a magical, mystical, powerful time when your creativity is at an all-time high, your “Why” has never been stronger, and your body is primed and ready to take on new projects. Decide if an online business is a good fit for you and let’s take your first steps together!

Pregnancy is the Best Time to Start Online Business Hippieology Blog

Unpopular Opinion: pregnancy is the best time to pour your heart into any creative project or soul-led endeavor. HEAR ME OUT! You may be nauseous, tired all the time, and swollen, but mothers are actually scientifically proven to become more creative, efficient, and driven after falling pregnant. What’s more, if you are pregnant or thinking about having a baby, you are never going to have more time to dedicate to your business than you do right now.

Whatever it is that set your soul on fire, your body, mind, and soul have never been more ready for it.

Women, especially, are meant to create. Historically, women capitalized on their creative gifts as far back as the times of ancient Egypt. Unfortunately, as society took a turn toward the patriarchal, we were forced to support the career endeavors of our husbands, assisting them in their shops, keeping their books, and maintaining their homes. Our natural, feminine nature took a back seat to “the greater good” and mothers have continued sacrificing themselves in this way ever since.

So, this is a call to the women who want to get back to their feminine, creative nature. When we are in our most creative, joyful state, we can become better mothers, stronger partners, and healthier individuals.

Just think. Would you rather spend your days cuddling your baby and fueling your creative fire, or sending e-mails and losing your mind in another spreadsheet?

Is Online Business Right for You?

Becoming pregnant quickly changes your perspective on life, in sooo many ways! You begin to think of your future from the eyes of your future child. You envision what you want their childhood to look like. You imagine all the ways you can spend as much time with them as possible, and you dream about all that you can give to them.

Chances are, you want to provide for your child, financially, with everything they could possibly need. You want their early years to be filled with fun, and joy, and ease. And you want to be there for every possible moment. So why not take the leap into online business?

Starting an online business is so much easier than you may think. It’s not some mysterious, pie-in-the-sky dreamlife. It’s not reserved for tech-savvy, model-looking influencers living it up on Instagram. It’s for normal, everyday people, just like you and me, who have a thirst for creativity, a purpose that drives, and a dream for more.

First trimester babes, you may be rolling your eyes at me right now. You might be thinking, “Girl I don’t know what planet you live on, but there’s no way I could start an entire business right now!”. First of all, you’re right, those first 12-15 weeks can be hell. If you find yourself reading this between spells of nausea and panic attacks, please trust that not only does it get better, but you can also use this time as a powerful catalyst for change in your life.

Pregnancy is the Best Time to Start Online Business Hippieology Blog

4 Reasons Why Pregnancy is the Best Time to Start an Online Business

Creativity is at an All-Time High

It’s no secret, pregnancy brings an enormous amount of creative energy to expectant mothers–I mean, you’re literally growing an entire human inside of you that didn’t even exist before! What some women don’t know, is that you can tap into this creative waterfall for more than just baby-building.

Creativity is all about thinking outside the box, seeing things from a different perspective, and finding solutions to questions that have never been answered. If motherhood isn’t a perfect representation of this, I don’t know what is.

Pregnancy is a special invitation for creativity because it is full with the energy of “what-ifs”. During this time, our entire lives cradle in the vast possibilities of the unknown.

Will our baby be a boy or a girl? Will my pregnancy have complications, or flow easily? Who am I becoming? What kind of parent will I be? What will be child be like? How am I going to do this? Right now, there’s an infinite world of possibilities floating in the ether around us. It would be a shame to let all that potential sit there waiting for us, just to ignore the call to action.

Your Mission, Your Purpose, Your “Why” Has Never Been Stronger

Creating human life kind of puts all our other thoughts, worries, and fears into perspective. Once you’ve had that baby, heck, once that baby has been conceived, there’s nothing on this earth that matters more. Up until now, you’ve been doing things for you. It’s a great cause, sure, but pales in comparison to the drive we possess to give our children a better life.

Remember earlier, when I asked if you’d rather spend time at home with your baby, or at work doing spreadsheets? If you’re still reading this, I bet you answered that you’d rather be at home–girl, same. And my biggest reason why is that I want to show my future children what’s possible. I want to show them that we don’t need to waste years of our life, spinning our wheels behind a desk with nothing more to show for it than a couple of plaques on the wall and a 401K. I want them to see how fearlessness, strength, and dedication to ourselves are what life is truly all about.

Imagine a world where our children have no boss, they have no 9-5, they don’t even have a need for vacation days because their entire life is one endless summer vacation (shameless Miley reference lol). Now imagine this for yourself, because modeling what that looks like is the best way to show your kids how to get there.

Your Mind is Already in the Zone

Another reason why pregnancy is a great time to start building your empire? Because biologically speaking, new mothers are more sharp, focused, and fiercely dedicated to their mission here on earth than was ever even possible for them before having children. Our brains sharpen, our motor skills enhance, and our problem-solving skills amplify. All excellent traits to have in business, right??

What’s more, is that pregnancy and childbirth have also been linked to improved learning skills and memory enhancement. As we make the transition from maiden into motherhood, our brains become more flexible, more efficient, and more trusting in our intuition. Mother Nature may be a wild woman, but she knows what she’s doing.

So if you’re worried that pregnancy brain or your new life with a baby will have you feeling uninspired and subhuman, think again. It’s scientifically proven that you are actually going to become superhuman!

You Will Never Have More Time Than You Do Right Now

My last, and maybe most triggering reason to build a business during pregnancy: time. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself right now, “I’d love to be my own boss, but I just don’t have the time to start.”, “I’d have to wake up super early or go to bed super late.”, “I’m already working 40 hours per week as it is!”. But the reality is, that time you have is only going to dwindle from here on out.

The time after work that you could spend writing blog posts or building a website is going to be replaced with feedings and playdates and soccer games. It’s going to be 400% harder to wake up and create in the morning when you’ve been up with the baby all night. Your well-earned weekends off will be spent making memories with your family, which will always be way more important than building sales funnels.

So you see what I’m saying? Our lives are about to be filled with the most wonderful time of our life. Right now, we have a choice. Do we want to set ourselves, and our future children up for success? Do we want to make the most of the short time we have to enjoy their childhood? Or do we want to continue typing away at that spreadsheet and regretting the opportunity we once had to build the life of our dreams?

Pregnancy is the Best Time to Start Your Online Business Hippieology Blog

Next Steps

Like pregnancy, starting a business can be scary, overwhelming, and possibly, unfathomable. But I’m here to tell you, it’s not! In my course, Build Your Own Blog, I walk you through the first important steps in starting and legitimizing your online business.

Need help forming an LLC? I’ve got you covered. Not sure how to build a website? Compare three of the most popular providers broken out by features, price, and accessibility. Interested in intuitive branding? I’ll show you how to utilize your own authenticity to create a brand experience that can outlive any pivot you make to your biz.

Online business ownership has the power to give you a life that you’ve always dreamed of but may have never truly believed was possible. You *can* make money while sleeping in on a random Tuesday, drinking wine on the couch with your partner, or exploring the local park with your kiddo.

Enroll in the Build Your Own Blog Course today, or download the Free Resource Guide for a little taste of what's covered in the course. You'll receive all the resources, guides, and articles I used to help build my own blog plus a fillable checklist to help you stay on track!

Anyway, I hope you’ve found this helpful. If you’re in the process of building your own business (or baby!), I’d love to hear about it! Let’s connect at

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